George R. Trumbull IV


George R. Trumbull IV received his AB from Princeton University and his MA, MPhil, and PhD from Yale University, and has taught at Yale, Tulane, NYU, and Dartmouth. In addition to his scholarly work, he has provided media commentary for various outlets on four continents. He is currently Associate Professor of History at Dartmouth College, where he is also affiliated with African and African American Studies and with Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.

Selected Works

Nonfiction; work in progress
The extinction of the Atlas Bear, Barbary Lion, and Bubal Hartebeest may have deprived North Africa of its charismatic megafauna, but their disappearance also tells a story of changes in how humans see their natural world.
“If you knew the secrets of the desert, you would think like me; but you are ignorant of them, and ignorance is the mother of evil.”--Emir `Abd al-Qadir
A fascinating account of French conceptions of Islam in France's largest and most important colony

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